Monthly Archives: March 2016

Server-Upgrade with unschedulable Blog-Downtime

Because of a planned server migration within the next months, there will be some unscheduled and unexpected downtime in the next time. I find this a necessary step, because the current virtual server solution has reached it's limit in many ways (Bandwidth, Number of kernel level threads, storage, ....) I apologies for the downtime, and… Read More »

Cool Linux Terminal: cool-retro-term

Having a boring task in the terminal to do? Why not putting it into a fancy Fallout-Like Terminal??Get cool-retro-term 🙂 Compilation instructions are on the GitHub page.

Have fun 🙂 goes English

From now on, the language of this Blog will be English The reason is to increase the range of the Blog, and to practise and improve as well my English skills.