To the glory!! ... Of the seagull on my head ...


Stockholm was great. BIG!! COOL!!! I have been there for two days and was quite busy at travelling around and visiting the most attractive places. Opinion: Very cool city! And quite expensive ...

Two days are not much, for such a huge city. Stockholm is build on several islands and the surrounding areas. Like in Växjö my impression is that the people here care about the environment and life in harmony with the surrounding nature. It's clean, people throw their stuff in trash cans and I've never seen so much ducks in my whole life 🙂

Nobel Museum

One of the most inspiring parts was the Nobel Museum - And a must go. I know that I have a quite strong philanthropic vein, and such places where the greatest achievements of humanity are honoured are therefore certainly a magnet for me.
It was nice. There's a room, with pictures of Nobel-Price-Winners that should sketch their work on a piece of paper. From a huge collection of formulae to a simple message to a funny statement, each laureate had his own way of expressing his work. ot's called Sketches of Science and was done by the photographer Volker Steger. And for sure, the physicists are the childish ones 😉

Leon Max Lederman, Nobel Price in Physics 1988, "for the neutrino beam method and the demonstration of the doublet structure of the leptons through the discovery of the muon neutrino"

The Sketches of Science Artbook can be downloaded on this page, but for sure, a visit in the Nobel museum is it worth!

I am Physicist. Apart from my passion to nature and finding out how things work I have a great passion towards humanitarian aid and work - and therefore I appreciate the Nobel prize for peace. It is the only price, that is nominated by a Norwegian committee, that is nominated by the Norwegian government. And it is every year also one of the most discussed prizes ever.
The Red Cross got the prize three times: 1917, 1944 and 1963.

Three times winner of the Nobel Prize for peace: The Red Cross (1917, 1944, 1963)


Yes, I've been in the Aquarium too.

My intentions to go swimming were abruptly distorted by the leakage of motivation due to the snowfall in the last days.

Garden Coffee

This was nice! I've been in a Cafe, that is a gardening place. You can sit in a Greenhouse, have a coffee or buy plants 🙂

If I'm ever tired of Science, I'm considering opening such a place too. I really like the idea. And here it is:

... and more ....

Thanks to a friend I've also been to Stadsmission near Stortorget (right in front of the Noble Museum), where the "best Shrimp-Breads of the town are located" - Thanks Irmi! Totally worth it 🙂

I've been at the Vasa museum, the Nordisk Museum, was in the Science-Fiction-Bookstore, watched a fire-show, had delicious waffles with Nutella, ...

In a nutshell: Stockholm was great. A huge city with lots of possibilities and beautiful places to discover. I had a nice evening in an Irish Pub and look now back in despair. Stockholm, you will see me certainly again!


Greetings, Phoenix 🙂

Hej! A jorney to Sweden

Hej! Sweden is full of lakes and woods


Greetings from Sweden. I have been at the HESS Collaboration meeting (link goes to Facebook) last week, presenting the current status of my PhD thesis, meeting important people and discussing about the future of the HESS experiment.

I’m now one week in Sweden and I don’t have seen any meatballs yet 🙂

And still lots of things to discover.

Copenhagen - Den blå planet

Little mermaid in Copenhagen

Before going to the meeting I’ve spend one day and night in Copenhagen. One of the most impressing things was visiting the Danish national aquarium “den blå planet” (“The blue planet”) - A must see for everyone, that is fascinated about all the things that are going on in, and under water. They also have Mojoe and Agnes, a very cute sea otter couple.
There’s a glass-tunnel, where you can walk literally under the sea, through a water tank filled with sharks and other fish – Awesome!! I’m considering starting a sailing-trip over the oceans.

… Not now, but maybe one day when I finished my PhD … Who knows 🙂

And ... I'm a big fan of the Weeping Angels, as you can see in the pictures 😉


The Scandinavian people are kind, but also relatively closed. It is not usual to greet anyone on the road, and if you look around there is no one responding your look. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s the way the people are here. Yet they are very friendly once the ice is broken.

The animals here are very trusting, as you can see in the following pictures

The collaboration meeting is over, and I’m now heading towards Stockholm, spending some more days here in Sweden. This time not for work, but I’m curious about the country and it's inhabitants ...


Stay in touch, I hope I will have a great time there 🙂


Ubuntu 16.04 is here

Eponym: African ground squirrel. They are cute! [Source]
Ubuntu 16.04 is here! You can immediately download it from the page. View the Release Notes here.

Since I'm away until the end of the next week, I will not have the time to try it out yet.

I am really looking forward to the announced snaps and the apt. I have hopes that the snaps will make a difference when it comes to unification of installing packages on different distributions. To be honest, unless the package is well supported, the situation is a mess. I don't want to be offensive, I know it's not easy to build a package for every distribution.

To support the community, my server now seed the Ubuntu Torrents 🙂

Have fun! I will have a closer look, when I'm back home. Until then - Hejda from Sweden 🙂

Trip to Copenhagen: Autonomous metro

Before going to the recent HESS collaboration meeting, I've spend a day and night in Copenhagen. Beautiful city, it's worth going there one time!

Apart from the little mermaid statue (Named after Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale) i was really impressed about the city metro. Why? Because there is no driver!

City-Metro. No driver 🙂

"The entire metro system and the trains are run by a fully automated computer system, located at the Control and Maintenance Center south of Vestamanger Station" [Wikipedia]

Nice! 🙂

Fallout 4 Bug: The Nuclear Option

Fallout 4 is amazing.

Fallout 4 is just .... awesome!

Still, a game with such a huge repertoire of possibilities has some bugs. This post is for all the tormented souls who face the Bug in the main quest "The Nuclear Option"

WARNING: Spoiler ahead! Don't proceed, if you do not really need help

I'm talking about this glitch in the game: After having placed the thermonuclear warhead in the reactor of the Institute, you are supposed to get teleported back to Proctor Ingram, together with Maxon. Unfortunately, the teleportation brings me back to the surface, while the other key-NPC stay in the teleportation room of the Institute.
A hint for a unlucky second teleport would be, that the game loads for a while, comes back and immediately loads a second time, bringing me back to the surface.

A walk-around is the following console command

moveto mq302bos

That brings you to Proctor Ingram and you can continue the quest.

Found in the Steam Community. Thanks!


Fallout 4 on wrong Monitor fix


When I play Fallout 4, Windows always bugs me with a dialogue to reduce the screen effects in order to increase the performance.
After some fruitless research I gave up, so that when I want to play something I just have to deal with the internal stupidity of Windows.

The last time, Fallout 4 was not able to recover after being minimized an refocused with the wrong resolution on my secondary monitor. Not so nice.

Since this now happened the second time, it's time to archive the way I can fix this issue:

Fallout 4 launching on the wrong display.

Google is the answer, and a short query immediately points the to the following page, where there are some solution strategies.


Edit the File Fallout4Custom.ini in the directory "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\Fallout4"

Search for the following values and edit them to your needs

iLocation X=0
iLocation Y=0

Since i need the game to be on my primary display, iLocation X = 0 and iLocation Y = 0 suits my needs. Otherwise just add or subtract the screen size depending on your screen resolution and screen adjustment.

Have fun!