Monthly Archives: June 2016

Python - Memory death with two lines

I've just shot my computer into a trashing death with just two lines of Python. I've wrote a routine to check if a number is of the form 2^n and wanted to test it. And here you go DON'T TRY THIS UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR COMPUTER TO CRASH!


Brexit - Off you go :-(

Dammit! Goodbye UK 🙁 Well, probably. Or ... maybe ... The last word is not spoken yet. Unlike in other countries, the referendum on the British Isles is not legally binding - And most of the Parliament are against Brexit, for good reasons. Brexit - Old against young, country against city The Brexit vote is… Read More »

Brexit - Please don't go!

This week will be the Brexit vote. Please people, don't do anything stupid and do your research. The EU is one of the organisations in the world, that keeps people together, and was the reason for a long and fruitful future without wars since 1945. For that it got the Nobel peace Prize in 2012.… Read More »