Monthly Archives: August 2016

Earthquake in Italy - HAM Operators

HAM Operates are called upon to stay away of Frequency 7060 kHz (LSB +/- 10 kHz) as this used by emergency traffic. Links

Shared memory C++ class - Standalone

Since  needed it for one of my research projects, I have created an offspin of the SharedMemory class in my FlexLib2 library. The created SharedMemory class supports the creation of SharedMemory segments in the OpenMPI context. In the end you will have a shared memory segment on every machine, where the program is executed. An… Read More »

SPAM Mail: Nigerian Astronaut stuck in space

Sometimes I'm wondering if our University-Spam filter is really enabled. But once in a while, there are some really funny Spam mails around. This one is quite old and tells the story about a stuck Nigerian Astronaut, that is stuck in Space because the CCCP was breaking apart and so he was forgotten. Now they… Read More »

The Kitty Convict Project

Ladies and gentlemen, the exploding kittens team present you an incredibly practical solution to mark your indoor cat: Orange bracelets, named the kitty convict project. The idea is simple but genius: If you have an indoor cat, put an orange collar on it, so others know that it is escaped. Its kind of fun, still… Read More »

Firefox 48 with multiprocess support

Firefox 48 was released on August 2. It has some quite good features, including a new experimental multiprocess support. Some of the most exciting new features are the following Protection against harmful downloads - GNU/Linux user gain a performance boost with Skia Media parser was rewritten in Rust language Several bugfixes And some more Details… Read More »

Perseid Meteor Shower

On a nice, cloudless night in Mid-August one can observe a beautiful spectacle of nature: The Perseid showers. According to Bill Cooke from NASA this year will be exceptional good, where normal rates are somewhere between 50-75 meteors per minute, this year we could have peaks up to 150 and even 200 meteors per minute.… Read More »

Emergency Communications - Earl

The tropical storm earl is currently heading across Central America. HAM Radio Amateurs in the IARU Region 2 gather informations and support the local emergency services. Everyone is requested to stay away from the following frequencies, since they are reserved for the emergency usage. Mexico: 7.060 & 3.690 MHz Guatemala: 7.075 MHz Belize: 7.177MHz USA… Read More »

Cortana Go Away!

With tomorrow's Anniversary Update for Windows 10, Cortana becomes the Windows-Internal search engine with Online access, regardless if the user wants it or not. Getting rid of Cortana According to this article you can still disable Cortana by editing some values in the registry: To disable Cortana for the machine: Set the DWORD value "AllowCortana"… Read More »