Shared memory C++ class - Standalone

Since  needed it for one of my research projects, I have created an offspin of the SharedMemory class in my FlexLib2 library.

The created SharedMemory class supports the creation of SharedMemory segments in the OpenMPI context. In the end you will have a shared memory segment on every machine, where the program is executed.

Shared memory example
Shared memory example

An example code is included. It compiles on gcc 4.8.4 on Ubuntu 14.04 with C++98 and C++11 Standart.

It includes a Makefile and an example program. Checkout the README file for details. And: Have fun 🙂

[Link to the source]


If you need some more info about how to deal with POSIX shared memory on a Linux system, I can recommend this following article.

SPAM Mail: Nigerian Astronaut stuck in space

Sometimes I'm wondering if our University-Spam filter is really enabled. But once in a while, there are some really funny Spam mails around. This one is quite old and tells the story about a stuck Nigerian Astronaut, that is stuck in Space because the CCCP was breaking apart and so he was forgotten. Now they want to collect money in order to return back to earth 🙂

Dear Mr. Sir,


I am Dr. Bakare Tunde, the cousin of Nigerian Astronaut, Air Force Major Abacha Tunde. He was the first African in space when he made a secret flight to the Salyut 6 space station in 1979. He was on a later Soviet spaceflight, Soyuz T-16Z to the secret Soviet military space station Salyut 8T in 1989. He was stranded there in 1990 when the Soviet Union was dissolved. His other Soviet crew members returned to earth on the Soyuz T-16Z, but his place was taken up by return cargo. There have been occasional Progrez supply flights to keep him going since that time. He is in good humor, but wants to come home.

In the 14-years since he has been on the station, he has accumulated flight pay and interest amounting to almost $ 15,000,000 American Dollars. This is held in a trust at the Lagos National Savings and Trust Association. If we can obtain access to this money, we can place a down payment with the Russian Space Authorities for a Soyuz return flight to bring him back to Earth. I am told this will cost $ 3,000,000 American Dollars. In order to access the his trust fund we need your assistance."

This mail text was found via Google search on this page.

The Kitty Convict Project

Ladies and gentlemen, the exploding kittens team present you an incredibly practical solution to mark your indoor cat: Orange bracelets, named the kitty convict project.

The Kitty Convict Project (by the exploding kittens team)
The Kitty Convict Project (by the exploding kittens team)

The idea is simple but genius: If you have an indoor cat, put an orange collar on it, so others know that it is escaped.

kkp_printable_largeIts kind of fun, still the idea is simple and practical - And it makes totally sense. Share the idea, if you like it! Share links are on the convict kitty projects page 🙂

Firefox 48 with multiprocess support

Firefox 48 was released on August 2. It has some quite good features, including a new experimental multiprocess support. Some of the most exciting new features are the following

Details can be found on the release notes.

Enable multiprocess support

If you got to about:support, you can see, if you have been selected for Multiprocess support - Check for Multiprocess Window 0/1 (Disabled)

Checking for Multiprocess support in Firefox 48
Checking for Multiprocess support in Firefox 48

You do this at OWN RISK. This is not encouraged! (Especially if you use extensions!)

But I did it too on my Arch Linux Desktop and on my Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop.

Within about:config create a new boolean browser.tabs.remote.force-enable with the value true.


Perseid Meteor Shower

On a nice, cloudless night in Mid-August one can observe a beautiful spectacle of nature: The Perseid showers.

Perseid Shower - Creadit APOD
Perseid Shower over Mount Shasta - Creadit APOD

According to Bill Cooke from NASA this year will be exceptional good, where normal rates are somewhere between 50-75 meteors per minute, this year we could have peaks up to 150 and even 200 meteors per minute.

The meteors appear to originate from the constellation Perseus, giving the shower it's name.  In reality the meteor comes from a debris field, left behind of 109P/Comet Swift-Tuttle. The comet was already known by the Chinese in 188.
The shower can be seen as Shooting Stars, leaving a small trail of ionized gas behind them.

During the whole travel through the debris field in July and August one can see the Perseid shower, but in the range from 12. - 13. August there will be a maximum. The peak is expected on 12. August between 13:00 and 15:00 UTC.

For HAM-operators this peak is interesting. Because of the increase ionisation of the Ionosphere, sporadic-E-Emission are way more likely to happen. Also long echoes in the 2m band are possible during the Perseid shower.

Emergency Communications - Earl

Tropical Storm Earl. Credis:
Tropical Storm Earl. Credis:

The tropical storm earl is currently heading across Central America. HAM Radio Amateurs in the IARU Region 2 gather informations and support the local emergency services.

Everyone is requested to stay away from the following frequencies, since they are reserved for the emergency usage.

Mexico: 7.060 & 3.690 MHz
Guatemala: 7.075 MHz
Belize: 7.177MHz
USA Hurricane Watch Net: 14.325 MHz

For the remainder of the Atlantic hurricane season, Radio Amateurs are reminded of the following frequencies which have been notified from previous seasons:

Caribbean Emergency & Weather Nets: 7.162 & 3.815 MHz
Eastern Caribbean Narrow Band Emergency System Net: 7.036 MHz USB (Olivia & MT63)
Caribbean Emergency: 14.185 MHz
Republica Dominicana: 7.065 & 3.780 MHz
Cuba: 7.045, 7.080, 7.110, and 3.740 MHz
Central America: 7.090 & 3.750 MHz
Nicaragua: 7.098 MHz
Panama: 7.085 MHz

Maritime Mobile Service Net: 14.300 MHz
Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN): 14.265 MHz


Cortana Go Away!

With tomorrow's Anniversary Update for Windows 10, Cortana becomes the Windows-Internal search engine with Online access, regardless if the user wants it or not.


Getting rid of Cortana

According to this article you can still disable Cortana by editing some values in the registry:

To disable Cortana for the machine: Set the DWORD value "AllowCortana" in the path "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search" to "0".

In case you want to disable Cortana just for the current user, use HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

I've not yet tried it, since I'm still waiting for the Update. In case you don't want to mess up with the registry, you can download the Regkey-Files on the article page.

In a nutshell

In the Registry-Path
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search

Set the DWORD Value "AllowCortana" to 0 do disable it for the whole machine. Use HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE if you want to disable it for your user only.


Keywords: Windows 10, Disable Cortana, Anniversary Update