Monthly Archives: September 2016

Firefox (and Chrome) are eating your SSD

The "restore interval" write function of Firefox (and also Chrome) produces a lot of writings over the day, according to this page. Firefox is eating your SSD – here is how to fix it Solution Go to about:config and search for the value browser.sessionstore.interval This is by default set to 15 seconds and causes the… Read More »

Right Livelihood Award - White Helmets

This year's Right Livelihood Award (alternative peace Nobel prize) goes to the White Helmets - Awesome! The white helmets are the Syrian civil defence. They are trying to rescue as many people as possible after the catastrophic and inhumane attacks on the civil population done, among others, by the regime of Assad. The White helmets are… Read More »


Das Schlimme an unserer heutigen Zeit ist, dass viele Menschen der Meinung folgen, in einem Nationalstaat ohne große Gebilde würde alles Besser werden. Europa hatte dieses System jahrtausendelang und durchlebte einen Krieg nach dem Anderen. Erst die Verbrüderung aller Völker Europas hat uns eine noch nie dagewesene Zeit des Friedens und des Wohlstands gebracht und… Read More »