Monthly Archives: January 2017

My Photo Albums

I've set up a Lychee instance on and will upload some of my pictures there. Currently there's only an example set, I'll hope to have enough opportunities in the next years to fill this instance. Have fun! 🙂


Clear recommendation for everyone who is interested in remote countries and an amazing insight into places, almost untouched by humans: Antarktis: Die Reise der Pinguine (German and French). Film maker Luc Jacquet, nature photographer Vincent Munier (unfortunetely only Flash content) and underwater photographer and sea biologist Laurent Ballesta issued within the "Antarctica!" Project from Wild-Touch… Read More »

Chocolate tastes better from an orange cup

News of the day: Hot chocolate out of an orange cream cup tastes better According to an article of 2013 based on an empirical study on 57 participants, it tastes best if it comes out of an orange cup. White cups were the worst. Also, cream cups are making chocolate slighlty sweeter with a bit… Read More »