OpenStreetMap Malaria Mapping

That's a #FaithInHumanityRestored post πŸ™‚

In the past months, a volonteer group of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap project have used satellite data to improve the OpenStreetMap data n different African countries. The aim was to improve the available map data to fight Malaria.

If you also like that such things happen, you might consider retweeting this tweet to spread the word.

Do good and tell about it!


Rotterdam: Poffertjessalon Seth



Poffertjes are small pancakes and a Dutch speciality. Traditionally serverd with a piece of butter on top and covered in sugar. They are filling enough to count as a full meal.

If you are around the market place, then you should probably step by the Poffertjessalon Seth. It's located in Hoogstraat 177 and serves delicious little Dutch pancakes.

You can even watch the bakery man make them.

Poffertjes about to be served

A must-go if you are around the market place!

Rotterdam: Mini World

In the coming days, some Blog posts about Rotterdam are to be expected πŸ™‚

Rotterdam - Mini World

I start with Rotterdam Mini World.

In Mini World every minute is like an hour in real time. After 24 minutes you have lived through a whole day.

In the evening (Mini World time) the lights get dimmed and at night switched off. Now all the little mini lights in the city go on, trains and cars are driving with lights and the docks get illuminated.

Miniworld at night. All the little lights go on, the whole city is illuminated

24 minutes, 24 hours. Amaizing insights into a beautiful world. It's worth a trip there!
Address: Weena 745, Rotterdam.

Have fun! πŸ™‚

I've uploaded more of the pictures into my Rotterdam Web album.

Civilization Beyond Earth - Fix for Arch Linux

I love the Civilization series. One of my favourites is Beyond Earth, where luckily a Linux Version exists on Steam. Awesome! πŸ™‚

Unfortunately under Arch Linux this doesn't work out of the box but needs some fixing. First of all you need to run steam-native, instead of steam. For debugging it's the best to run it in a terminal. If you start Civ Beyond Earth and end up with a similar error like

Then you need to install the lib32-intel-tbb lib from the AUR. I had to enable multilib and install gcc-multilib, but then it build and I could finally start Civilization Beyond Earth.

Civilization Beyond Earth - In game (just at the beginning)

Another victory for the good cause! πŸ™‚

Video suggestion: Is the EU worth it or should we end it?

Video-Suggestion: "Is the European Union worth it or should we end it?" from Kurzgesagt.

I am clearly on the site of "it is worth it".
It gave us more then 70 years of peace and forms one of the biggest economic, scientific and union. We have a huge cultural and social variety that makes the union sometimes bureaucratic and complicated but also unique and liveable.

No generation before us could experience such a enormous wealth, education and safe world as we can.


Ever heard of Pulse Of Europe?

#PulseOfEurope is a counter-movement to the growing right-wing populism, to the hostility towards the EU. After Brexit, Trump and growing radicalism it's a movement against the growing hatred and fear.
For details go and visit their motivational page (in multiple languages, including English, German, French)

I just saw that they are meeting in Innsbruck at Anna-SΓ€ule every Sunday at 14:00.

You can click here to go to OpenStreetMap at the given coordinates.

i3 Garden

Yesterday while doing a small walk I passed by a garden with something interesting in it

i3 Garden example in real life (Seen in Sieglander)

It's an Innsbruck Corporation called i3-Garden, that offers those fancy boxes where you can grow your stuff.

I like the concept and it may be of use for someone who wants to grows stuff on the Balcony or on places, where the access to soil is limited. They also offer products for indoor growing.

I don't want to promote this product, I don't own it, but I like the idea and find it worth spreading. This is a "nice thing I once saw and appears to be useful for some people" and not a "this is a must-have for the upcoming Zombie-apocalypse in order to grow your food that you don't starve"-post πŸ˜‰