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OpenStreetMap Malaria Mapping

That's a #FaithInHumanityRestored post 🙂 In the past months, a volonteer group of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap project have used satellite data to improve the OpenStreetMap data n different African countries. The aim was to improve the available map data to fight Malaria. If you also like that such things happen, you might consider retweeting this… Read More »

Rotterdam: Pancake-Boat

This blog post contains vital information for Travellers in Rotterdam: There's a sightseeing boat, with all-you-can-eat pancakes! If you enjoy sailing on a boat, enjoying the view of a foreign city with pancakes, then this is the place you want to be: Pannenkoekenboot Rotterdam. Now, please excuse me, I have some serious pancake stuff to… Read More »

Rotterdam: Poffertjessalon Seth

Rotterdam - Poffertjes Poffertjes! Poffertjes are small pancakes and a Dutch speciality. Traditionally serverd with a piece of butter on top and covered in sugar. They are filling enough to count as a full meal. If you are around the market place, then you should probably step by the Poffertjessalon Seth. It's located in Hoogstraat… Read More »

Rotterdam: Mini World

In the coming days, some Blog posts about Rotterdam are to be expected 🙂 Rotterdam - Mini World I start with Rotterdam Mini World. In Mini World every minute is like an hour in real time. After 24 minutes you have lived through a whole day. In the evening (Mini World time) the lights get… Read More »

Video suggestion: Is the EU worth it or should we end it?

Video-Suggestion: "Is the European Union worth it or should we end it?" from Kurzgesagt. I am clearly on the site of "it is worth it". It gave us more then 70 years of peace and forms one of the biggest economic, scientific and union. We have a huge cultural and social variety that makes the… Read More »


Ever heard of Pulse Of Europe? #PulseOfEurope is a counter-movement to the growing right-wing populism, to the hostility towards the EU. After Brexit, Trump and growing radicalism it's a movement against the growing hatred and fear. For details go and visit their motivational page (in multiple languages, including English, German, French) I just saw that… Read More »

i3 Garden

Yesterday while doing a small walk I passed by a garden with something interesting in it It's an Innsbruck Corporation called i3-Garden, that offers those fancy boxes where you can grow your stuff. I like the concept and it may be of use for someone who wants to grows stuff on the Balcony or on… Read More »