Monthly Archives: April 2018

Bread baking - Level up!

My bread baking skill is leveling up Today I took the day off, so I had some time to finally work on my baking skills. And here's what came out of it. Sourdough based, mixed rye-splen bread, with over-night rise and lots of love 🙂 Yes, I was playing with some filters for the pictures.… Read More »

Game theory - The evolution of Trust

The evolution of trust is an educational and very funny game to play in your browser. Written by Nicky Case on July 2017. It's not the hottest news (I know) but the game is worth mention it again - On a rainy or cloudy weekend, you might want to have a look at it.

Iceland: Campingcard locations 2018

For everyone who plants to visit Iceland, and considers camping, have a look at This card costs you about 150 bucks and gives you access to a wide range of camping locations.  The locations are good, sometimes, especially when it's raining, the provided indoor accommodations are a bit crowded. Still - it's a nice… Read More »