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StarParty Pfalzen/Falzes

Yesterday I have been an invited speaker at the Star Party 2018 in Pfalzen/Falzes in South Tyrol Italy. I use this post to thank my former teacher Christof Wiedemair for the invitation. For me it has been a confidence boost - the audience was engaged and interested, like this it's fun to give a talk!… Read More »

Sentinel-2 is on the way

The new Sentinel-2B satellite by ESA has started tonight at 2:49 MECT from the ESA Spaceport in French Guiana. Sentinel is a multi-billion-euro (8-9 billion euros up to 2020) project in order to provide images of land, oceans and waterways. The data is open access and can be used by anyone. That's a short update,… Read More »

Looking at Venus and Mars

Maybe some of you have noticed a bright spot in the morning and evening hours at the sky - That's Venus. Venus has a fixed position in human culture, often referred as "morning star" and "evening star". A friend of mine noticed, that there is as well a second bright spot, like a "shadow" visible… Read More »

Perseid Meteor Shower

On a nice, cloudless night in Mid-August one can observe a beautiful spectacle of nature: The Perseid showers. According to Bill Cooke from NASA this year will be exceptional good, where normal rates are somewhere between 50-75 meteors per minute, this year we could have peaks up to 150 and even 200 meteors per minute.… Read More »