Rotterdam: Mini World

In the coming days, some Blog posts about Rotterdam are to be expected 🙂

Rotterdam - Mini World

I start with Rotterdam Mini World.

In Mini World every minute is like an hour in real time. After 24 minutes you have lived through a whole day.

In the evening (Mini World time) the lights get dimmed and at night switched off. Now all the little mini lights in the city go on, trains and cars are driving with lights and the docks get illuminated.

Miniworld at night. All the little lights go on, the whole city is illuminated

24 minutes, 24 hours. Amaizing insights into a beautiful world. It's worth a trip there!
Address: Weena 745, Rotterdam.

Have fun! 🙂

I've uploaded more of the pictures into my Rotterdam Web album.


Clear recommendation for everyone who is interested in remote countries and an amazing insight into places, almost untouched by humans: Antarktis: Die Reise der Pinguine (German and French).

SeaWorld Orlando Anarctica: Empire of the Penguin. [Wikipedia Commons]
Film maker Luc Jacquet, nature photographer Vincent Munier (unfortunetely only Flash content) and underwater photographer and sea biologist Laurent Ballesta issued within the "Antarctica!" Project from Wild-Touch Expeditions for two months to Antarctica.
Astonishing pictures and view.


33C3 - Day 2

Good morning Hamburg! It's 10:00 in the morning an I am walking through the Apothekergarten towards the Congress Center. It's quiet on the streets.
In this moment I realize, that it's the time after Christmas. It's winter. It's the time of the year, where a lot of people took holidays to recover from the year, to reflect about all the things that have happened and that are going on. It's a time of peace.

Apothekergarten with the Frank-Hertz tower

Be excellent to each other!

I'm here at the 33C3 - The 33rd Chaos Communication Congress. It's awesome! 🙂

People here are very friendly. Due to general "Verpeiltheit" I've forgotten my Lenovo power supply unit. Also the nearby Saturn has none of those on stock (that's a shame! You have a Lenovo section but such crucial elements not on stock?!?)
Fortunately, since it's quite common I always find a way to charge it - From a huge power back with a lot of special adapters to some friendly people who borrow me their supply.
Lesson learned: If possible, always prefer a device that is quite common, so you can borrow equipment to and from other people.


There are still a lot of things going on. Stay tuned and remember: Be excellent to each other 🙂

Greetings from 33C3!

Greetings from the 33C3 from Hamurg! Here you get a Screenshot of the current internet conditions here. Awesome!

Internet on the Congress

Currently there are a lot of things to discover, and many interesting talks to attend, so I'm quite busy right now.

Will try to give some updates while I'm here, still too excited.

This year I couldn't participate in the CERT, since there are already too many people. Well, at least I feel safe here 🙂

Garmin eTrex 30x and OpenStreetMap

I recently bough a Garmin eTrex 30x in preparation of a bigger adventure happening next year 🙂

I choose the eTrex 30x because it was an affordable, outdoor-proof, quite robust and long-lasting GPS device for outdoor Trekking. I need a device that has some hours runtime to be able to follow and record tracks.
And I wanted a device with a significant amount of storage, where I can put OSM (OpenStreetMap) maps on.

The procedure is documented sufficiently insufficiently, but fortunately there are enough informations available, so that you can put the steps together. I try to write here down, what I have done to bring multiple recent OpenStreetMap-maps to your device.

This post is based mostly on the OSM Wiki page for Garmin [1]

Put multiple OSM maps on your Garmin eTrex 30x

First you need a new SD-Card, where the maps will be located. I prefer to write directly to the SD-Card, but you can go as well through the USB-Mass Storage configured Garmin. Your choice 🙂

FAT32 formatted SD-Card works pretty well for me. I have not tested any other filesystem and since most of the pre-build OSM Maps are blow 4 GB, this should be fine. Yes, it's an outdated, crappy filesystem, but it does the job.

Download the prebuild-Garmin image files from [here]. You may have to look a bit around, but in the end you will find what you need.

Store the extracted gmapsupp.img files in the folder "Garmin" on the SD-Card. You may need to create this folder, if it does not exists yet.

To store multiple cards on the SD-Card just rename them, but keep the .img ending. Keeping the ending is an assumption by myself, I have not tried it out, but would not recommend removing it in order to prevent confusions.


[1] OSM Maps on Garmin - OSM Wiki


*sigh*. Another blog post, that became a Zombie. I started writing it while I've been in Malmø, but then I forgot about it.
But since I really likes Sweden, I don't want this to be forgotten. So here we go, with some delay 🙂


This were two very relaxing days. In comparison to the bustling Stockholm-trip, Malmø was really calm. I've been there only fore 1 and half days and took the chance to have a closer look at the maestoso Øresund-Bridge (hopefully the encoding doesn't mess up with the Swedish Ø).

Oeresund-BridgeThis is really a impressive building - A major part of critical infrastructure, connecting two countries to each other. No doubt, without this awesome bridge, the connection between Denmark and Sweden, and also the countries in their vicinity would be different. A part of technology, that brings people together. I want to post a quote of Civilization Beyond earth at this point


Instruct the children not to dream of toys or sweets. Instruct them to dream of infrastructure.
Vadim Kozlov, "Axioms from the Minutes of the Central Directorate"

I am convinced, this place can be nice and relaxing in summer. Unfortunately at this time it was too cold to go swimming - and the place was like extinct. My fault - I mean, who goes to a nice beach when the temperatures are still below 10 degrees? Or at least, without bringing a wetsuit 🙂

Øresund-Bridge, view from the shoreline


To the glory!! ... Of the seagull on my head ...


Stockholm was great. BIG!! COOL!!! I have been there for two days and was quite busy at travelling around and visiting the most attractive places. Opinion: Very cool city! And quite expensive ...

Two days are not much, for such a huge city. Stockholm is build on several islands and the surrounding areas. Like in Växjö my impression is that the people here care about the environment and life in harmony with the surrounding nature. It's clean, people throw their stuff in trash cans and I've never seen so much ducks in my whole life 🙂

Nobel Museum

One of the most inspiring parts was the Nobel Museum - And a must go. I know that I have a quite strong philanthropic vein, and such places where the greatest achievements of humanity are honoured are therefore certainly a magnet for me.
It was nice. There's a room, with pictures of Nobel-Price-Winners that should sketch their work on a piece of paper. From a huge collection of formulae to a simple message to a funny statement, each laureate had his own way of expressing his work. ot's called Sketches of Science and was done by the photographer Volker Steger. And for sure, the physicists are the childish ones 😉

Leon Max Lederman, Nobel Price in Physics 1988, "for the neutrino beam method and the demonstration of the doublet structure of the leptons through the discovery of the muon neutrino"

The Sketches of Science Artbook can be downloaded on this page, but for sure, a visit in the Nobel museum is it worth!

I am Physicist. Apart from my passion to nature and finding out how things work I have a great passion towards humanitarian aid and work - and therefore I appreciate the Nobel prize for peace. It is the only price, that is nominated by a Norwegian committee, that is nominated by the Norwegian government. And it is every year also one of the most discussed prizes ever.
The Red Cross got the prize three times: 1917, 1944 and 1963.

Three times winner of the Nobel Prize for peace: The Red Cross (1917, 1944, 1963)


Yes, I've been in the Aquarium too.

My intentions to go swimming were abruptly distorted by the leakage of motivation due to the snowfall in the last days.

Garden Coffee

This was nice! I've been in a Cafe, that is a gardening place. You can sit in a Greenhouse, have a coffee or buy plants 🙂

If I'm ever tired of Science, I'm considering opening such a place too. I really like the idea. And here it is:

... and more ....

Thanks to a friend I've also been to Stadsmission near Stortorget (right in front of the Noble Museum), where the "best Shrimp-Breads of the town are located" - Thanks Irmi! Totally worth it 🙂

I've been at the Vasa museum, the Nordisk Museum, was in the Science-Fiction-Bookstore, watched a fire-show, had delicious waffles with Nutella, ...

In a nutshell: Stockholm was great. A huge city with lots of possibilities and beautiful places to discover. I had a nice evening in an Irish Pub and look now back in despair. Stockholm, you will see me certainly again!


Greetings, Phoenix 🙂

Hej! A jorney to Sweden

Hej! Sweden is full of lakes and woods


Greetings from Sweden. I have been at the HESS Collaboration meeting (link goes to Facebook) last week, presenting the current status of my PhD thesis, meeting important people and discussing about the future of the HESS experiment.

I’m now one week in Sweden and I don’t have seen any meatballs yet 🙂

And still lots of things to discover.

Copenhagen - Den blå planet

Little mermaid in Copenhagen

Before going to the meeting I’ve spend one day and night in Copenhagen. One of the most impressing things was visiting the Danish national aquarium “den blå planet” (“The blue planet”) - A must see for everyone, that is fascinated about all the things that are going on in, and under water. They also have Mojoe and Agnes, a very cute sea otter couple.
There’s a glass-tunnel, where you can walk literally under the sea, through a water tank filled with sharks and other fish – Awesome!! I’m considering starting a sailing-trip over the oceans.

… Not now, but maybe one day when I finished my PhD … Who knows 🙂

And ... I'm a big fan of the Weeping Angels, as you can see in the pictures 😉


The Scandinavian people are kind, but also relatively closed. It is not usual to greet anyone on the road, and if you look around there is no one responding your look. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s the way the people are here. Yet they are very friendly once the ice is broken.

The animals here are very trusting, as you can see in the following pictures

The collaboration meeting is over, and I’m now heading towards Stockholm, spending some more days here in Sweden. This time not for work, but I’m curious about the country and it's inhabitants ...


Stay in touch, I hope I will have a great time there 🙂


Back home


Ich bin wieder zuhause.

Ein Monat ist vorbei und unsere Schicht geht damit zu Ende. Im Gegensatz zur Nachtwache endet unsere Schicht nämlich mit dem nächsten Vollmond und nicht im Kampf gegen White Walker.

Ich kehre zurück mit einem Sack voller Erlebnisse und einer Lebenserfahrung, die ich nicht missen wollen würde. Ich habe ein Monat in der Savanne, mitten im Nirgendwo eine Regenzeit durchlebt, in der es nur einmal leicht geregnet hat. Ich habe Sand gesehen, viel Sand, Affen gejagt, 'ne verdammte Cobra erledigt, eine Puffotter gesehen, Teleskope ausgeparkt und wieder eingeparkt, Beobachtungen durchgeführt, Sachen repariert, meinen kompletten Schlaf- Wachrythmus umgestellt und vieles mehr.

Hey du kleiner Racker! Erdmännchen bei seinem Bau

Eines der Highlight des Schicht war Albert's weltberühmtes BBQ. Der Grillmeister hat es soweit geschafft, dass er einer der Gesprächspunkte beim Paris-Meeting von H.E.S.S. war. Zurecht! Wer so Grillen kann, braucht sich nicht zu verstecken. Ehre wem Ehre Gebührt – und die Ehre als Grillmeister der Savanne gebührt dir!

Die Beobachtungen liefen ganz gut, soweit überhaupt möglich. Viele Nächte konnten wir gar nicht oder nur eingeschränkt Beobachtungen durchführen, da der Wettergott in dieser Zeit die Savanne mit zahlreichen Wolken segnet.

Ein weiteres Highlight war für mich der Blick auf einen klaren, wunderschönen und etwas anderen Sternenhimmel. Auf der Site gab es praktisch keine Lichtverschmutzung – Ich habe noch nie einen volleren Sternenhimmel gesehen oder eine so klare Milchstraße. Die Vielfalt an Sterne und die Klarheit des Nachthimmels haben mehr als nur einmal ein klares „Wow“ über meine Lippen gebracht. Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass unsere Vorfahren dieselbe Ehrfurcht verspürt haben, wie meine gierigen Augen, die jeden Zentimeter des Himmels sorgsam untersucht haben. Ernsthaft Leute, nehmt euch hin und wieder mal eine Nacht Zeit, packt euch einen Schlafsack und geht auf irgendeinen Berg oder einen Fleck weg von den Städten. Dann hebt den Kopf und lasst euch von einer Schönheit packen, das nur das Licht von zig-Milliarden Sternen erzeugen kann, deren Licht unvorstellbare Entfernungen gereist ist, um in diesem Augenblick von euren Augen verschlungen zu werden – Der ganze Kosmos breitet sich vor euren Augen aus. Herrlich!

Das ist einer der Eindrücke, die ich dankbar nach Hause bringen darf. Der Blick auf den Sternenhimmel von der Südhalbkugel aus ist spannend – Ich konnte zum Ersten mal das Kreuz des Südens sehen, eine sehr markante Konstellation am Nachthimmel, die den Seefahrern einen Anhaltspunkt gibt, wo Süden ist.

Orion steht übrigens auf dem Kopf, zumindest so wie wir Nord das gewohnt sind.

Und nun ist meine Schicht an unserem schönen Teleskop zu Ende. Ich freue mich schon darauf, wieder bekannte Gesichter zu sehen und meine Freunde mit den Heldengeschichten „Felix, der Erklimmer des Affenhügels“ und „Felix mit Spaten, der Schrecken der Cobra“ zu nerven. Jep Leute, da müsst ihr leider durch :-p

War eine spannende Zeit und ein Stück Lebenserfahrung, auf die ich sicherlich für den Rest meines Lebens mit einem Lächeln zurückblicken kann. Und vielleicht nochmal die Chance kriege, ein Monat hier zu verbringen - ansonsten halt an einem anderen spannenden Ort.

Ich bin dankbar, dass meine Doktorarbeit mir auch solche Gelegenheiten bietet, denn immer nur im finsteren Stübchen zu hocken ohne einen Bezug zur Praxis macht keinen Spaß und lässt einen solche Gelegenheiten verpassen, die einen Menschen erst prägen. Praxiserfahrung ist halt etwas, was man nur erlangen kann, wenn man hin und wieder seinen Allerwertesten in die Welt da draußen bringt. Und wer weiß … Vielleicht passiert es ja auch, dass man Spaß daran findet 🙂

Diesen Beitrag habe in an meinem letzten Abend hier in Namibia geschrieben – Ich öffne ein Windhoek Draught und trinke auf den Moment und die Erlebnisse des letzten Monats.

Life is good 🙂