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Video suggestion: Is the EU worth it or should we end it?

Video-Suggestion: "Is the European Union worth it or should we end it?" from Kurzgesagt. I am clearly on the site of "it is worth it". It gave us more then 70 years of peace and forms one of the biggest economic, scientific and union. We have a huge cultural and social variety that makes the… Read More »


Ever heard of Pulse Of Europe? #PulseOfEurope is a counter-movement to the growing right-wing populism, to the hostility towards the EU. After Brexit, Trump and growing radicalism it's a movement against the growing hatred and fear. For details go and visit their motivational page (in multiple languages, including English, German, French) I just saw that… Read More »


My inner paramedic is highly alerted because of this Network traffic curve Background: Cheyne-Stokes respiration, a sign for potential damages in the nervous system.

Benchmarking tool - Flops

Flops is a nice tool for benchmarking floating point operations of a CPU. Under Arch Linux i had some problems compiling it, because the static linking towards openmp was not working properly. I've made a fork, fixed the issue by removing the -static flag (and replaces -std=c++0x to -std=c++11) and a pull request in the… Read More »

Windows 10 zero-day Lücke

Google veröffentlich erneut eine Windows 10 Zero-day Lücke (CVE-2017-0038). Microsoft hatte 3 Monate Zeit, die Lücke zu fixen. Das sind mindestens zwei Patchdays. Drei Monate. DREI VERDAMMTE MONATE. Und jetzt sind potentiell alle Windows-Installationen bis zum nächsten Patchday offen. Na toll! Windows ist einfach nur ein inhärent kaputtes System.

Vortragstipp: Spiegelmining

Einen Einblick, welche Schlüsse aus Metadaten zu ziehen sind, und welche Informationen aus einem Datensatz von 100.000 Spiegel-Online Artikel gesammelt werden können hat David Kriesel auf dem 33C3 präsentiert. Die Ergebnisse sind online unter folgendem Link einsehbar: Link zum Talk auf Sehr spannend!

33C3 - Day 2

Good morning Hamburg! It's 10:00 in the morning an I am walking through the Apothekergarten towards the Congress Center. It's quiet on the streets. In this moment I realize, that it's the time after Christmas. It's winter. It's the time of the year, where a lot of people took holidays to recover from the year,… Read More »

Evernote wants to read your notes

Evernote recently announced, that some user's note will be subject to a machine learning process. Although they claim to stuck to their Three Laws of Data protection, but the update is, that a Evernote employee may read your notes in order to check and validate the machine learning algorithms. I personally do not like to… Read More »