Did you ever wondered, how the internet works? What are the computers that power this magic place? How do they operate?
Well over 95% of the servers on the internet run Linux. Looking at my Blog right now? Runs on Linux 🙂
You probably have more devices running Linux at home, than you know. It's because it runs so well, that those devices are unseen and invisible (mostly until something breaks). Linux is infrastructure and powers the world. Linux is awesome.

After all the praise, it still remains Software, and all software/computers are broken. Linux is awesome but is not flawless. And in comparison to the other options, it still remains the most usable system to work and to tinker.

This page is the root page for some of my own Linux related projects.


  • gridengine - Fork of the Son of grid engine that builds on modern systems
  • gmon - Ganglia CLI monitoring client written in go
  • osmpng - OSM tile merging utility (Create png files of larger areas)