The white helmets

I spend most of my sparse time in some kind of rescue operations. Periodically I got questions like "Why do you do this" or "man are you crazy - you're working without getting paid".
First: "what else should I do", and the answer to the second group of people is, well you don't get paid money, but you get something even more precious! It's just a thing of experiences: There are as many motivations to join a rescue squat as there are people in that squat (and sometimes even more). The thing that most of us share are experiences - At some point many encounter a situation or a person that lit a fire in you. If this fire continues to grow, it becomes a passion, that is not only a very filling as satisfying activity, but it's also changing your mindset day by day to become a powerful, reliable and happy person. The experiences when dealing with people in danger will change you, as they push the good part of your soul to work. Every time you help another person, it's like forging your own soul. It's a thing about humanity, what it means to yourself and how can you practice to become the person you are. It's definitely worth the effort you put in doing rescue operations.

And now to the actual topic:


The white helmets

Today a friend of mine shared this video from the white helmets. In one of the most devastating civil wars in Syria each days fall barrel bombs against civilian structures. Day after day, families are dying, people trapped in collapsed buildings and burning houses.

"To be able to understand accurately the damage and the threat and the devastation of the disaster in Syria, they are having a 7.6 earthquake 50 times a day"

- Dundar Sahin, Director, Akut Institute of Training and Research, Turkey

The white knights fighting for peace and humanity in this hell are nameless heroes* known as the white helmets.

* I really dislike the terminus hero in each sector of the civil protection, but in this case it's a deserved honour. Seriously.


The white helmets are a group of volunteers risking daily their lives to rescue people trapped after such bomb attacks. Extinguishing house fires and digging for trapper persons after a building collapse in one of the most hostile environments: I a civil war.


Would you do the same, when people need you? Would you risk your life for your neighbour you don't know?
These people do. They are saving human beings day after day without any backup, acknowledgement or financial support from the officials. Hardcore.

I'm happy to see people in other countries sharing the same attitude towards a precious and delicate thing called life and to see the same passion in their soul when it comes to help unfortunate people in danger.

Brothers, I bow my head in front of your performance. You rock and deserve more attention!!