Fallout 4 Bug: The Nuclear Option

Fallout 4 is amazing.

Fallout 4 is just .... awesome!

Still, a game with such a huge repertoire of possibilities has some bugs. This post is for all the tormented souls who face the Bug in the main quest "The Nuclear Option"

WARNING: Spoiler ahead! Don't proceed, if you do not really need help

I'm talking about this glitch in the game: After having placed the thermonuclear warhead in the reactor of the Institute, you are supposed to get teleported back to Proctor Ingram, together with Maxon. Unfortunately, the teleportation brings me back to the surface, while the other key-NPC stay in the teleportation room of the Institute.
A hint for a unlucky second teleport would be, that the game loads for a while, comes back and immediately loads a second time, bringing me back to the surface.

A walk-around is the following console command

moveto mq302bos

That brings you to Proctor Ingram and you can continue the quest.

Found in the Steam Community. Thanks!


Fallout 4 on wrong Monitor fix


When I play Fallout 4, Windows always bugs me with a dialogue to reduce the screen effects in order to increase the performance.
After some fruitless research I gave up, so that when I want to play something I just have to deal with the internal stupidity of Windows.

The last time, Fallout 4 was not able to recover after being minimized an refocused with the wrong resolution on my secondary monitor. Not so nice.

Since this now happened the second time, it's time to archive the way I can fix this issue:

Fallout 4 launching on the wrong display.

Google is the answer, and a short query immediately points the to the following page, where there are some solution strategies.


Edit the File Fallout4Custom.ini in the directory "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\Fallout4"

Search for the following values and edit them to your needs

iLocation X=0
iLocation Y=0

Since i need the game to be on my primary display, iLocation X = 0 and iLocation Y = 0 suits my needs. Otherwise just add or subtract the screen size depending on your screen resolution and screen adjustment.

Have fun!