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Firefox 57 - Enable U2F

I really love the new Firefox. I have the impression it runs much smoother, especially with some bloated sites. I also guess it won't take too long until webdesigners are making their websites even more bloaty, so that in some months from now we will be at the same time again. Let's see how many… Read More »

Firefox (and Chrome) are eating your SSD

The "restore interval" write function of Firefox (and also Chrome) produces a lot of writings over the day, according to this page. Firefox is eating your SSD – here is how to fix it Solution Go to about:config and search for the value browser.sessionstore.interval This is by default set to 15 seconds and causes the… Read More »

Firefox 48 with multiprocess support

Firefox 48 was released on August 2. It has some quite good features, including a new experimental multiprocess support. Some of the most exciting new features are the following Protection against harmful downloads - GNU/Linux user gain a performance boost with Skia Media parser was rewritten in Rust language Several bugfixes And some more Details… Read More »