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Chocolate tastes better from an orange cup

News of the day: Hot chocolate out of an orange cream cup tastes better According to an article of 2013 based on an empirical study on 57 participants, it tastes best if it comes out of an orange cup. White cups were the worst. Also, cream cups are making chocolate slighlty sweeter with a bit… Read More »

SPAM Mail: Nigerian Astronaut stuck in space

Sometimes I'm wondering if our University-Spam filter is really enabled. But once in a while, there are some really funny Spam mails around. This one is quite old and tells the story about a stuck Nigerian Astronaut, that is stuck in Space because the CCCP was breaking apart and so he was forgotten. Now they… Read More »

This is why I like coding

This is why I like coding my own tools. I like to implement some small tools and hidden funny things, then I forget about them and then, when they re-appear they make the work more living. It's like being a squirrel and hide nuts to myself 🙂

Cool Linux Terminal: cool-retro-term

Having a boring task in the terminal to do? Why not putting it into a fancy Fallout-Like Terminal??Get cool-retro-term 🙂 Compilation instructions are on the GitHub page.

Have fun 🙂