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Ubuntu - Building own Kernel

One of the reasons why I like Ubuntu is its simple usage. Most stuff works out-of-the-box or is configurable pretty easy. So it's also pretty easy to compile your own kernel. The reason I wanted to build my own kernel were some issues with the amdgpu graphics card. Since Kernel 4.15 AMD has pushed it's… Read More »

Privilege escalation bug in Linux Kernel

... and how to deal with it right: Bug filed and fixed on February 17, patches are already in circulation. Exploit will be made available in some days to allow the administrators to update. The fix was just a two-liner but still: Fixed-on-the-same-day-as-filed. That's how it should work 🙂 And in the Windows world we… Read More »

Hello World Kernel Module

Heute geht's um Linux Kernel Module. Ich zeige euch, wie ihr ein ganz simples "Hello World!" Modul erstellen könnt.   Benötigte Vorkenntnisse Linux - sudo und Root-Rechte Texteditor gcc Makefile C Los geht's! Und wir legen los. Am besten erstellst du ein neues Verzeichnis (ich arbeite im temp/hello_kernel Ordner) für das ganze

Und genau… Read More »