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Ein weiteres C++ Template für Linux ist fertig: TcpSocket und TcpServerSocket. [Download]

Beides sind sehr einfache Implementierungen für Character-Stream Sockets unter Linux. Sie implementieren istream und ostream, daher kann ähnlich wie auf den Standart-input und Standart-output operiert werden.

Netter Screenshot
Netter Screenshot

Das Archiv inklusive kleinen Beispielprogram (ECHO-Server und Client) steht unter MIT-Lizenz im Repository. Direktlink für den Download hier.


I've create a new, very usefull C++ Template: Implementation of a simple and easy-to-use Tcp socket for character streams (Linux only currently). [Download]

What make it so beautiful is the simplicity: It comes basically without dependencies, is C++11 compliant (and you should use the C++11 Standart!) and implements the istream and ostream basic classes.
Reading and writing data from and to your socket becomes as easy as reading to stdin and stdout.
But see this simple example snippet:

The download of the socket package (including a small example program) is in the repository. Or you use the directlink here.

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