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*sigh*. Another blog post, that became a Zombie. I started writing it while I've been in Malmø, but then I forgot about it. But since I really likes Sweden, I don't want this to be forgotten. So here we go, with some delay 🙂 Malmø This were two very relaxing days. In comparison to the… Read More »


Ufffff. Stockholm was great. BIG!! COOL!!! I have been there for two days and was quite busy at travelling around and visiting the most attractive places. Opinion: Very cool city! And quite expensive ... Two days are not much, for such a huge city. Stockholm is build on several islands and the surrounding areas. Like… Read More »

Hej! A jorney to Sweden

Hej! Greetings from Sweden. I have been at the HESS Collaboration meeting (link goes to Facebook) last week, presenting the current status of my PhD thesis, meeting important people and discussing about the future of the HESS experiment. I’m now one week in Sweden and I don’t have seen any meatballs yet 🙂 And still… Read More »