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Hello there! My name is Felix Niederwanger. I'm working for SUSE as maintenance and security engineer, where I can work on improving stable and mission critical systems and IT infrastructure - Some of the things I like the most.

I'm (still?) about to finish my PhD in Astroparticle physics at the University of Innsbruck. I work on numerical simulations of the diffuse gamma ray background within the milky way.

Apart from computers I have a passion for outdoor activities, resilience, food, photography and traveling. Here I write about that stuff, as a personal logbook and place to share some cool projects or insights.

And sometimes I just post stupid but funny things 🙂

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That's me!


Contact me via  Mastodon or Twitter.
eMail is also possible via felix (at) feldspaten (dot) org (PGP 0x6E77A590E3F6D71C)

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