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Hello there! My name is Felix Niederwanger. I'm currently doing my PhD in Astroparticle physics at the University of Innsbruck in numerical simulations of the diffuse gamma ray background within the milky way. A special remark is given on the H.E.S.S. experiment, where I am a proud member of 🙂
I'm occupied as system administrator on the Institute of Astro- and Particle Physics and am holding a Bachelor degree in computer science as well. I use this blog to write about things that I consider worth publishing. Apart from all the silly and funny things are also some useful tools, that I wrote over the last years.

And that's the matter of the blog: To share my passion about science, technology, nature, rescue services and disaster relief.
The topics of the Blog are mostly Physics, free software, cooking, outdoor stuff, HAM radio and civil protection.

And sometime I just post stupid but funny things 🙂


Since 2015 I'm doing my PhD in Astroparticle physics and occupied as scientific staff at the University of Innsbruck.
My special field are numerical simulations of the diffuse gamma ray background. We are developing a own simulation software called PICARD to solve the comic ray transport equation and compute gamma ray skymaps. The software is not yet public available since it's under development. Once the software becomes reliable enough, it will be published.

Gamma rays are high energetic electro-magnetic radiations, witch display a quite new window to the physical properties of a wide range of cosmic objects. They are produced different sources, where the most promising are for example supernova remnants (SNR) or pulsar wind nebulae. Prominent current experiments for observations in the gamma-ray regime are FERMI-LAT or H.E.S.S, Veritas and Magic (and other).

My Master-Thesis was about a 3d hydrodynamic simulation for Planetary Nebulae on the hydro-framework CRONOS.




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eMail is also possible via felix (at) feldspaten (dot) org (with the following PGP-Key 0x9E1702CA)

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  1. Hi Felix,

    Bin gerade beim lernen auf die Ionen/Plasma GK Vo über deine Seite gestolpert. Sehr cool!

    Einen kleinen Bugreport hab ich aber doch: Hier ( funktionieren die ganzen Links in der Sparte Physics nicht, weil das /repo in der URL irgendwie verloren gegangen ist. (wenn mans händisch dazutippt klappts wieder).



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