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Hello there! My name is Felix Niederwanger. I'm about to finish my PhD in Astroparticle physics at the University of Innsbruck. I work on numerical simulations of the diffuse gamma ray background within the milky way.

I am about to start a new career in the IT industry, where I will work on building up stable and mission critical systems and work on infrastructure. Those are the things I like the most.

Apart from computers I have a passion for outdoor activities, resilience, food, photography and traveling. Here I write about that stuff, as a personal logbook and place to share some cool projects or insights.

And sometimes I just post stupid but funny things 🙂


I'm finishing my PhD in Astroparticle physics and at the University of Innsbruck. My specialty are numerical simulations of the diffuse gamma ray background. We are developing a own simulation software called PICARD to solve the comic ray transport equation and compute gamma ray skymaps. For my PhD, a special remark is given on the H.E.S.S. experiment.
During that time I was also occupied as system administrator on the Institute of Astro- and Particle Physics. There I was the only system administrator for in total 4 scientific cluster systems, all running Linux in an high performance computing environment. This occupation gave me the possibility to learn a lot about computers, networks and Linux but it was also slowing down the progress of my PhD. Anyways it was paving the way for my next big thing, so this was an endeavor worth going through.
My Physics master-Thesis was about a 3d hydrodynamic simulation for Planetary Nebulae on the hydro-framework CRONOS.

I am holding a Bachelor degree in computer science as well (yeah, I was crazy enough to study physics and computer science in parallel)

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Contact me via  Mastodon or Twitter.
eMail is also possible via felix (at) feldspaten (dot) org (PGP 0x6E77A590E3F6D71C)

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