Ubuntu 16.04 is here


Eponym: African ground squirrel. They are cute! [Source]

Ubuntu 16.04 is here! You can immediately download it from the Ubuntu.com page. View the Release Notes here.

Since I'm away until the end of the next week, I will not have the time to try it out yet.

I am really looking forward to the announced snaps and the apt. I have hopes that the snaps will make a difference when it comes to unification of installing packages on different distributions. To be honest, unless the package is well supported, the situation is a mess. I don't want to be offensive, I know it's not easy to build a package for every distribution.

To support the community, my server now seed the Ubuntu Torrents 🙂

Have fun! I will have a closer look, when I'm back home. Until then - Hejda from Sweden 🙂

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