Firefox (and Chrome) are eating your SSD

The "restore interval" write function of Firefox (and also Chrome) produces a lot of writings over the day, according to this page.

Firefox is eating your SSD – here is how to fix it


Go to about:config and search for the value browser.sessionstore.interval

This is by default set to 15 seconds and causes the hige integrated written bits over a day - more 10th Gibibytes (GiB) per day. The time is given in millseconds.

I've set it to 30 minutes, so in my configuration

browser.sessionstore.interval = 1800000


Restart the browser and that's it 🙂

1 thought on “Firefox (and Chrome) are eating your SSD”

  1. This solution works for Firefox but there still is NO SOLUTION for Google Chrome.

    I stopped using Chrome completely shortly after installing my SSD. While browsing my computer would freeze for 20 to 30 minutes whereby my mouse and keyboard were useless. RESET was the only solution. Changing to Firefox and limiting the restore worked.

    Now I ONLY use Firefox. Google is going to lose clients in hoards if they don't provide a similar solution. HOW MUCH RESTORE SPACE DO THEY NEED? After a freeze period I did a 'fstrim' on my SSD and the utility had to free up practically the entire free space on my hard drive (they literally filled the entire f#$king hard drive). I like the restore; but I don't like it THAT MUCH!!!!!!!

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