works for me

The Motto of the 33C3 is works for me.

works for me

A commonly used phrase by software developers to indicate that the bug reported by a user is not repeatable on their machine, and will therefore receive no more attention. Usually connotes a dismissive approach, where anything that is not visible immediately to the developer is “someone else’s problem” and is therefore not worth fixing.

Like no other, the year 2016 pointed out how well „works for me“ works for us. It does not. Mutual hate, envy, insensibility and exclusion have driven us apart.


Let’s break this vicious circle. Let’s get together and live our utopia. Let’s strive for something that works for all of us.

And let’s fight those, who will not let us!

Looking back at the GNU Philosophy and it’s philanthropic approach that could work as well to other human beings. Or in a more pragmatic way: All creatures are welcome - A reminder to be excellent to each other.

The truth is that we have become a divided society of egoistic cry-babies, instead of solidarity and collaborative driven society.

Some really good things have happend in 2016, but most of the year was a frakking nightmare

2017 - Here we are coming, and we will try harder this time!

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