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Bye-Bye Rescue Service

I’m sad

On Saturday, 12.10.2019 I had to sign my resignation from the White Cross. After about 13 years of service and many friendships this was an incredible hard step to make. Indeed, up to now this was probably the hardest signature I ever had to do (And I’m still sorry that I had to do this Luke, I really am!)

When you are moving to a new country, you got to cut down some of your roots. It hurts, and I keep on repeating a good old saying

If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.

(Peter F. Drucker)

I’m now heading to my next big thing: moving to another country. And I’m sure, there will be new opportunities to contribute and socialize. Fire brigades are all over the places and the Red Cross is also active there …

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