KPN and Fritz!Box

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Configure PPPoE to use login with your MAC-Address@internet, password "kpn" and VLAN-ID 6

You find your MAC-Address on the ExperiaBox.


KPN delivers a 500 MBit up/down fiber connection to our house for a reasonable fee. Nice 🙂
They also deliver their own box, which is this nicely looking Experia Box.

In short: There was already a FiberBox in the house with a standard RJ-45 WAN plug. One would assume you can just plug in your own device, get the IP via DHCP and be done with it. First mistake: Never assume. You need to configure your Fritzbox to use Username/Password authentication for PPPoE using VLAN ID 6. In the end it should look something like this

FritzBox configuration for KPN

Of course, you will need to put in your own MAC-Address from the ExperiaBox. This is your linked username. The password is "kpn" (without quotation marks)

And, of course, if you run into problems, plug in the original ExperiaBox before calling support. This is not the recommended way and they might get confused when they see something different than their own stuff 🙂

Anyways, the connection speed is sweet. Despite the fact that one should never trust those tests, as providers might cheat and give priority to those tests in particular to look nice.

Speedtest over the new fiber connection

Further stuff


Native IPv6 is not yet working, just in case anyone asks. FritzBox! fortunately provides a 6to4 solution, that is hacky but provides a working workaround, so you can access IPv6 addresses.


Just for completion, here are the used VLAN Tags on the Fiber box

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