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Re-Potting Avocados

With the storm Ciara outside, it’s just a good Sunday to do a lot of indoor stuff

Last year in spring we started to grow Avocados from scratch. It’s more of a explorative project because at our latitudes it’s too cold for avocados to grow outside. Still it’s fun so see how they crack open and how they grow in a indoor pot.

4 out of our 3 avocado seeds made a plant. 2 of those survived for more than a months. And both of them are now almost a year old.

Unfortunately this winter they started to not look too good. In their pot the water has accumulated, probably because we used the wrong soil. Avocados need a lot of fresh water, but most plants don’t like it, if their roots are constantly in water.

One of them defoliated itself up to the point, where we had to cut it back to it’s trunk. We had also changed the soil for them and re-potted them into cactus soil. Cactus soil is a bit sandy and we hope this gives some good drainage to prevent the water from just standing at the roots.

Now one of them looks still good, the other one looks plucked. Anyways, there is a little shoot coming out and we have big hopes it will make it.

Acovado plant with small sprouting growing out of a small stem