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SUSE Hack Week 19

The SUSE Hack Week 19, and my first SUSE Hack Week is coming to an end. I used the time to read up on certain things, do a little bit of Perl and to hack on three of my current projects

  • meteo (My environmental monitoring solution)
  • goshawk (Little Geo tracker for owntracks)
  • gridengine (My fork of the Son of Grid Engine)

meteo got the handling to register lightnings as well as some changes on the internals. The lightning sensor is ongoing work and should be operational soon.

goshawk (temporary name? might be renamed … ) can now receive and store location pushes from owntracks and answer location requests from the goshawk client (via the API). This is all still work in progress, but I have a working prototype. If the results of this Hack Week are sufficiently satisfying in the field tests of the next weeks, it might find it’s way to GitHub.

I also used the Open Build Service to build my [gridengine][2] fork. This means, it will produce continuously rpm packages for various SUSE flavours (openSUSE LEAP and SLE), CentOS and Scientific Linux. Check it out!

Have a lot of fun!