GPX file format update

Hans pointed out, that the GPX files produced from are not compatible with Basecamp. He also pointed out, that there are two problems in my current GPX files:

  • the <br/> tag doesn’t play well
  • Garmin uses a <link href="..">text</link> tags instead of the <url> tag

I updated the tool accordingly and fixed the already produced files with some simple bash scripts

for i in CampingCard.is_*.gpx; do
  sed 's!<br/>! !g' -i $i
  sed 's!<url>!<link href="!g' -i $i
  sed 's!</url>!">Website</link>!g' -i $i

Checkout the old blog posts with the updated files. And thanks to Hans for pointing this out! :-)

I unfortunately also noted, that changed their website, so that my script will not work in the future. Perhaps I find a way to get the new locations as well, so far it looks like there is only a embedded Google maps site.

Still it was working for 4 years, and it helped us on our Iceland trip, so this has been certainly a successful nice side project :-)