pasta - stupid simple pastebin service

pasta is an amazing new tool for self-hosting of a stupid simple pastebin service. I wrote it because I didn’t find anything simple enough that doesn’t require integration into a database service and whatnot. pasta requires only a toml configuration file and a data directory where the pastas will be stored. No massive MySQL, postgresql, NoSQL database backend that eats up all of your resources and will lead to inevitable disaster at some point in the future because your backup process has stopped and no-one has noticed it because of course that’s what happens when you self-host a small service on a old device in the basement without monitoring and I should stop here now because you get what I mean.

This simplistic webservice is written in go and requires very little resources. It’s happy with only a handful megabytes of system memory and because it reads and writes perhaps some few hundred bytes of metadata together with the actual content blob it should run close to the native performance of your hardware. pasta performs very well on your Raspberry Pi and does not require any fancy hardware because that’s exactly what it is made for.

pastas are created by just throwing your file via a POST request at the main server page. The server stores it and returns the link to the newly created pasta as a json response. You also get a unique modification token, which allow you to modify or delete the pasta in the future (this is not yet implemented). A handy pasta client keeps track of your pastas and stores the token for you on your local machine.

Checkout the github repository or the project page for more information and install instructions. The tool is in a useable state but not yet feature complete. Feedback on the github repository is appreciated. A docker image is also available on dockerhub: grisu48/pasta.

And i need a (non-fancy) logo for this amazing project (at some point) …

Happy Sintaklaas everyone :-)