Steve Wozniak is not boring

If not otherwise stated, Linux containers always get some funny unique names like vibrant_boyd, exciting_kepler or focused_turing:

$ docker ps --all --format '{{.ID}} {{.Names}}'
bf06b99191d6 vibrant_boyd
b66c0d000066 exciting_kepler

Containers get their name from a list of adjectives and surname from the namesgenerator package, just randomly mixed together. Voila, you got your unique awesome container name: admiring_curie. hopeful_borg. hardcore_chandrasekhar. You got it.

But there will be never boring_wozniak because “Steve Wozniak is not boring”.

func GetRandomName(retry int) string {
	name := fmt.Sprintf("%s_%s", left[rand.Intn(len(left))], right[rand.Intn(len(right))])
	if name == "boring_wozniak" /* Steve Wozniak is not boring */ {
		goto begin

Awesome :-)

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0