orion - a small gemini server

orion is my own small gemini server written in go. It can be deployed as a container or as a standalone. It is an early alpha, but runs already and hosts my own gemini capsule. Join the gemini space by installing a gemini client like amfora, bombadillo (both terminal) or kristall (GUI). For mobile there is deedum for Android or iOS.

Gemini is a part of the internet, apart from the web, that aims to be lighter and much simpler than the web. It does not want to be the “next big thing” or compete with the classical web. It’s a niece project for hobbyists that like to have a nice and cozy separate space for people who enjoy simplicity, privacy and the ability to understand the technology they are using.

I imagine it as a small outdoor camp-side, where a group of interested people are having good time. It’s not intended to replace the city (i.e. the normal web), it’s just a nice and cozy place to hang out and enjoy the power of simplicity.

           (                 ,&&&.
            )                .,.&&
           (  (              \=__/
               )             ,'-'.
         (    (  ,,      _.__|/ /|
          ) /\ -((------((_|___/ |
        (  // | (`'      ((  `'--|
      _ -.;_/ \\--._      \\ \-._/.
     (_;-// | \ \-'.\    <_,\_\`--'|
     ( `.__ _  ___,')      <_,-'__,'
jrei  `'(_ )_)(_)_)'

Grab a beer and join us in the outdoors of the web. Make yourself comfortable and have a good time.