Today is a dark day

With the invasion of Ukraine, Putin has destroyed two centuries of European-Russian understanding.

Russia (as country, not the people) presented themselves as a fearless aggressor that is not trustworthy. This damage cannot be undone.

We are all in some kind of shock and disbelieve. What happens next can be at best described as a major catastrophy and a humanitarian disaster.

I also think this was a needed wake-up call to not take our external safety for granted. Our European defenses are not ready for such a conflict and it is time to strengthen them. Actually it’s years too late.

This also will be the first war where I believe we might see large scale means of cyberwarfare. Whatever is going to happen to Ukraine here, can hit us all at any time as well. Regardless of what’s going on, one thing is for sure: We need more resilience. Those days have shown us something, that nothing can be taken for granted and we cannot rely on fragile systems with single points of failures for our means of communication and for the critical infrastructure because maniacs like Putin can (and will) exploit this one day.

I just hope China is not taking the chance to do anything nasty to Taiwan now as well. If I would be a dictator I might be tempted by such an opportunity.

Current mood: Fuck.