Fix janky mouse wheel

My mouse wheel behaves sometimes weird and becomes overly sensitive to even the tiniest movements. So sensitive, that even minor disturbances are triggering a scroll event. I don’t know if I have some kind of latent hidden Parkison or my fine motoric skill are slowly decaying or some ghosts play funny games with me, all I know is that this makes my mouse wheel behave strangely.

This makes my browser go janky and this is very annoying if you want to scroll slowly through a webpage while reading it.

So, note for my future self, this is how you disable the high resolution wheel scroll and this makes it go away

xinput list                      # Identify mouse, mine is 26
xinput list-props 26             # List properties, find the matching one
xinput set-prop 26 'libinput High Resolution Wheel Scroll Enabled' 0

Guts and glory to the gross motor skills people!