I switched from gitea to forgejo

I (finally) switched my own gitea instance over to forgejo. After last years gitea controversy switching kinda became logical.

I do love gitea and the idea of selfhosting your own version control server. And as a proud codeberg.org supporter I do want to run the same software that powers this amazing platform.

The switch itself was child’s play. I just switched the container image to codeberg.org/forgejo/forgejo:1.20 and that’s it. Couldn’t be easier 😀 There are still the old GITEA__database__$$$ variables, but forgejo uses them as well. I guess at some point there will be a rename, but so far that’s not necessary. It takes the same database, same data folder, same everything but now it’s forgejo and not gitea anymore.

In fact I would have done this transition earlier but I needed to wait for forgejo to release version 1.20. Now it happened and now I have a happy forgejo instance!

(Community driven) Free software for the win!! 🚀🎉🥇