A short essay about self-care and forgiveness

You are awesome, and here’s why

You are awesome because you made it till here. We all have been struggling this week because of the ongoing war. It was nerve-wracking, sometimes were were barley able to focus and concentrate, and between the endless times of doomscrolling somehow we still tried to be somehow productive and our job done. And this is why you in particular are awesome.

If you have the feeling that at the end of the week you have not achieved anything, you are not alone. This week was horrible. I was not able to really work efficiently and I was not alone with that. I spend more times in meetings than usual. I got interrupted even more than usually (and the normal is already a lot) which causes even more stress because I don’t get my stuff going. Today I said to myself “heck, the week is over and I haven’t done anything useful at all”. That’s how I felt after this rollercoster-ride of the last two weeks.

I took me an almost 15km run to realize how stressed I actually was. And that there is nothing wrong with me, but that my mind is just not able to focus and concentrate because there is a fucking war going on in Europe. We all need some good time for self-care, reflection and peace to really grasp what’s going on. And that’s why this week was so tedious. And still, here we are, and we all have made it to Friday. And that’s why you are awesome.

So, at this point, instead of asking yourself “what is wrong with me” and “why have I not been able to accomplish my goals for this week”, look the other way and appreciate what you still have been able to accomplish, despite the circumstances. Fucking hell, it was difficult to even focus on simple tasks and yet me made it somehow working. And that’s awesome. But now, is the time for realizing that we maybe are in need of a good portion of self-care.

Maybe one or two discussions or meetings didn’t went so well this week. That’s just understandable - we all have been stressed, inattentive or simply overwhelmed. So please, be forgiving to your weird uncle, the difficult brother or yourself, if some things slipped out that were not meant that way. It’s way too easy to be hurtful when you are filled yourself with emotions of fear, anger, aggression, hopelessness and what else we are going through right now. But that’s not who we are. So, let’s try to be kind and forgiving, especially in those times. And not only to other but also to yourself. Because that would be really awesome.

Have a nice weekend everybody. Take care of yourself and stay safe!

You are awesome.