My fork of the Son of Grid engine project that builds on more modern systems. See the Open Build Service page for current builds

During my occupation as sysadmin we have been using the good old (TM) Sun Grid Engine as queuing system on our cluster systems. Sun got sold, the Sun grid engine got forked several times and in the end we ended up with the Son of Grid engine project, a fork of the Univa grid engine, which was the commercial and stills somehow supported variant of the good old (TM) sun grid engine. Confused? Yeah, things got a bit bonkers here.

During the process of setting Son of Grid engine up on our CentOS and openSUSE systems, I encountered some issues and bugs that made me fork the project (again a fork!!) and create my own repository. It includes some small bugfixes, so that it builds on not ancient Linux systems.

During the SUSE Hack week 19 I could got this project running on the Open Build Service. You find recent rpm packages there, just ready to be installed. Thanks to SUSE for giving me the opportunity to make this happen :-)

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0