Civilization Beyond Earth - Fix for Arch Linux

By | April 14, 2017

I love the Civilization series. One of my favourites is Beyond Earth, where luckily a Linux Version exists on Steam. Awesome! 🙂

Unfortunately under Arch Linux this doesn't work out of the box but needs some fixing. First of all you need to run steam-native, instead of steam. For debugging it's the best to run it in a terminal. If you start Civ Beyond Earth and end up with a similar error like

Then you need to install the lib32-intel-tbb lib from the AUR. I had to enable multilib and install gcc-multilib, but then it build and I could finally start Civilization Beyond Earth.

Civilization Beyond Earth - In game (just at the beginning)

Another victory for the good cause! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Civilization Beyond Earth - Fix for Arch Linux

  1. Glumanda

    What do you think about Civ 6? What is your fav Civ game of all time? Oh and do you also play FreeCIV?

    1. phoenix Post author

      Right now I'm coming back to Beyond Earth, sometimes I play Civ 5. Haven't purchased Civ 6 yet but it looks great. Maybe if there's a good christmas deal, I'll get it. What about you?


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