Civilization Beyond Earth - Fix for Arch Linux

Civilization Beyond Earth - Fix for Arch Linux

I love the Civilization series. One of my favourites is Beyond Earth, where luckily a Linux Version exists on Steam. Awesome! 🙂

Unfortunately under Arch Linux this doesn't work out of the box but needs some fixing. First of all you need to run steam-native, instead of steam. For debugging it's the best to run it in a terminal. If you start Civ Beyond Earth and end up with a similar error like

Then you need to install the lib32-intel-tbb lib from the AUR. I had to enable multilib and install gcc-multilib, but then it build and I could finally start Civilization Beyond Earth.

Civilization Beyond Earth - In game (just at the beginning)

Another victory for the good cause! 🙂

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  1. What do you think about Civ 6? What is your fav Civ game of all time? Oh and do you also play FreeCIV?

    • Right now I'm coming back to Beyond Earth, sometimes I play Civ 5. Haven't purchased Civ 6 yet but it looks great. Maybe if there's a good christmas deal, I'll get it. What about you?

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