The joy of multicore processors

I recently came back from an amazing trip to Iceland. We had a glorious time there - it was an outstanding adventure!

After this trip I had to convert 3200 (!!) photos from RAW to JPEG. Turns out, that usually it takes something like 15 seconds for my computer to process 1 file. 3200 * 15 is roughly a bit more than 13 hours.

Some minutes later and a python script I could distribute the work my 8 processor cores of a FX-8350. The script is ugly and very very hacky, that’s why I don’t want to publish it. I’ve started the script, went outside for a longer walk and when I returned the process was completed.

This is just one example of things, where a large number of CPU makes sense on a workstation computer. Even normal users benefit more and more from increased CPU cores more and more.

AMD made good work when they were increasing the number of CPUs. And nowadays I willingly have a bit lower single-thread performance but twice as much CPU cores. Makes totally sense for a lot of things, like multimedia converting, picture editing and compiling.