Migrated to hugo

Welcome on the new blog, proudly powered by hugo. This blog runs now as a static web page.

hugo transforms markdown content (pages/posts) into HTML websites. This not only feels more natural to me than an integrated online editor, it’s also easier to write stuff and much simpler to manage the content. The whole blog and it’s content is in a git repository and this makes the administration and backups much easier.

I’m gonna try this out a little bit, there are still ongoing tasks. The integration into the Fediverse is not yet setup for instance.

Why I moved away from WordPress

WordPress is huge, it is just too much of an overkill for a small blog like this one. It always was. Don’t get me wrong, WordPress is nice and it always did a good job for me, but it always felt like a bit too bloated for what I actually want to do.

And the Gutenberg Editor is horrible.

The Gutenberg Editor was in the end the trigger, why I finally moved away from WordPress. I say explicitly the trigger, not the reason.

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