feldspaten migrated to ARM

feldspaten.org runs now on a much more resource-friendly ARM-Ampera based cloud instance on Hetnzer. Previously I had dedicated root server, which made sense for the time being. But nowadays the cloud offerings are economical and powerful enough to fulfil all of my needs. Storage is still a bit expensive, but it’s still cheaper than a dedicated root server for what I use.

Since I only need the fraction of a full server, migrating to a shared cloud instance made sense. It’s fast enough, it costs less and it’s friendly to the planet.

The main reason for the migration is that it’s environmental friendlier. I only use the fraction of a full server, and ARM is (in general) more power-efficient than the previously used Intel Xeon. Also my servers were most of the time under no load, so that’s another argument for using a shared server.

This is part of a self-proclaimed “do what YOU can” initiative against climate change and resource exhaustion. I don’t need a dedicated server anymore, so it’s better to leave it for someone else to use. Also, I can reduce the environmental impact of my services by moving it to a shared resource pool. It’s just a little but still: Little by little goes a long way. And it’s also those little changes, that aggregate over time. 🌲🌳

So for now nothing should change, but there will be some turbulences while I also migrate the rest.