System migration to MicroOS

The road to success is always under construction. (Arnold Palmer)

The best blog post always start with an inspiring quote from some random Golfer from the 1950s. That aside, there will be some invisible architectural changes on the server.

Every year around this time I’m migrating all of my Leap servers from one version to the next one. Having a BUNCH of them running, makes this process always a bit … cumbersome.

In an attempt to tidy my fleet, I will migrate my main server to MicroOS and merge it with two other VMs. Because it’s a rolling release my hope is that I can levitate myself from the migration pain that happens almost every year. I find MicroOS a nice system for that. However not all machines fit into a rolling release model, so not all machines will be migrated/merged just yet. This is going to be a continuous process that will take a while to complete.

In the ideal case there will be no noteworthy distrubances, except for unavoidable ones while migrating some services.

So, let’s get rolling! 🚀