Overcomplicated pumping gas distributor

So, I was just at the fuel station to pump gas for our car. Sounds like a simple task that everyone is doing for years without thinking. Today was the first time I had a little bit of a struggle with it.

Immagine the following situation: It’s getting dark outside, everyone wants to go places, it starts to rain. You go to the gas stop and have to first wait for 5 minutes to get to the pump. Behind you there are at least 5 cars waiting in line, so you feel some pressure to get your stuff in order.

Easy. You take your payment card to pay directly at the pump to save some time. After typing in the PIN code, you have now to select your fuel. Please pick Diesel from the selection that we give you:

  • SuperTank Plus
  • Ultra-Power Gas
  • Something with 95 in the name
  • V-Plus Superduper

I believe for people who work for the fuel industry this might be a very easy task but what about us normal folk out there? How about we try to keep normal names like “Diesel” or “Super” so that normal peasants like me actually can select what the want?

Making things unecessary complicated is unfortunately a thing. I believe this is one of the reasons, why so many people struggle with technology, and automatic distributors in particular. Those are made by people in their field of expertice and way to often the assumed knoweldge is a source of frustration. And this is a trend that has to stop. It is a virtue to keep things simple, so that Joe Normal can use. And it is a virtue, that we should definitely practice more often.

It was the SuperTank Plus btw. I recognised the black background, which was always there for Diesel before this stupid naming scheme changed.