Featured image of post Plasma 6 lands in Tumbleweed

Plasma 6 lands in Tumbleweed

Plasma 6 lands in openSUSE Tumbleweed and it’s awesome!

KDE Plasma 6 screenshot is awesome

Overall it works really nice. There are some small issues, I filed some smaller bugs, but overall the transition went rather smooth - knowing that the graphical system would crash during installation from a friend - I just installed it via text console.

Plasma 6 uses Wayland and it works better now than the last time I tried it. Screen sharing via Jitsi and via Slack work nicely. There are some rough edges, but it is usable now. And with that I can continue and push forward.

Hello Plasma 6. It feels nice! Kudos to the openSUSE KDE packaging team and the KDE community itself. Well done!