Sourdough - day 2

Day two of making sourdough from scratch. The dough starts to have some larger bubbles and already smells mildly sour. Looks good so far

This is how your sourdough should look after 1-2 days. Some larger bubbles form as result of the process the bacteria are doing in the dough

I removed more than half of the dough and fed the remains with fresh flour and water. After re-feeding all of the bubbles are gone. After some minutes some small new bubbles start to form. This is a good sign for activity and shows us, that we are on the right way. Actually a bit faster than I though

Mixed sourdough after feeding shows almost no bubbles

After some minutes already some small bubbles appear

Looks like we’re soon ready to make new bread again :-)

If yours’ is not yet forming bubbles after day 2, don’t worry. Repeat the feeding and give it some more time. It will be good.