Sourdough - day 3

After another day, the sourdough should be already pretty active. A slight soury smell and visible bubbles are arising. This shows us, the bacteria are active and doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing.

Bubbles and a mild sour smell. That’s how it should be!

Until now I made a very generic sourdough. Now it’s time for the dough to specialise. With specilise I mean, that we create trunks for the different flour types we intent to use. I mostly bake with wheat/spelt and with rye, so I’m gonna create two types of sourdough.

Ultimately I want to have two different jam glasses in the fridge, one for wheat/spelt and one for rye. In general sourdough likes it to always have the same kind of flour and because wheat, spelt and rye are different grains it’s recommended to have different sourdough for each of them. I mix spelt and wheat together, because until now I had good results with this combination.

So, I take now two jam glasses, fill them 1/4 with flour and add 4 tablespoons of our sourdough to each of them. Then I mix the contents and add warm water until we reach a very liquid, but sill doughy consistence. This we now let raise for another day.

Left is the rye-based sourdough, right is the wheat/spelt based sourdough. They are now going to raise for 12h

In about 12h we’re probably have to feed them again. Now the activity of the sourdough should be already pretty good.