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Two nights in a Yurt

The last two nights we slept in an amazing Yurt in the heart of the Netherlands. A Yurt is basically a portable round tent with some kind of insulation material (animal skin or felt) that is ofen seen in use by Mongolian nomads (they call it ger). Here it is used as a recreational possibility for the modern city people to get back in touch with nature (or let us believe that we do). It was an amazing experience I can highly recommend!

There is this place in the Netherlands called Winterwoods, where you can rent a Yurt for a couple of nights. Of course this is more of a glamping (glamour camping) experience, but at this time of the year this is an amazing possibility, since not everybody has a portable wood/gas stove or a motorhome. You get your own yurt with four beds in it, a small table and your own fireplace. Indoors you have your own wood oven, outdoors you have your own fire bowl with a metal tripod, so you can even cook directly on the fire. You even have a cooling box, cutlery and plates so in principle you don’t have to bring anything except clothes and your own food.

We spent two nights at this location with friends to have a little adventure. The location provides a lot of facilities and possibilities. You can (and have to) chop your own wood, there is a yoga and meditation tend with courses, they do ice bathing and in general the staff is super friendly and more than capable of providing a welcoming, nice atmosphere. The cherry on top was an outdoor sauna. It’s not cheap, but given the amount of possibilities provided I find this a justifiable price if you just spend a weekend or a couple of nights here.

Daily activities range from hiking, mountain biking to the provided yoga, meditation or wood chopping courses or just hanging out on a cozy fireplace. Since this activity only happens in early spring (they will close next week), the fireplace is something that you definitively will need, because it’s still pretty cold outside. On the last day we even got snow, which was just perfect for the outdoor feeling. Loved it!

Long story short, this is a unique and amazing experience that I can highly recommend. The yurk is housing four adult persons, they have one double-bed and two single beds and if you’re into outdoor stuff, you’re gonna love this.

Here, have some pictures so that you get an idea

The place is just amazing Our yurt, number 14 The (cluttered) inside of our yurt Cooking on actual fire Snowy morning makes the amtosphere perfect