Sourdough wheat-rye bread

I’m starting to make new bread types with sourdough recipes, based on Lutz’ Geißlers “Brot backen in Perfektion mit Sauerteig” book. Here is one of my first breads, a wheat-rye mixed bread with sourdough only

Baking with sourdough only is for me a new territory - I made some steps in the past, but rarely with sourdough only - and when, with mild success only.

Sourdough is awesome, because it’s a natural product that you can easily bootstrap yourself. I made sourdough in 4 different countries (including Namibia during my HESS shift) and it’s super easy and fun! Also, after the first strike of the corona crisis I learned, that yeast is apparently scared good and everybody needs to stockpile it so the shelves get completely empty *sigh*

So, here’s my first successful sourdough only wheat-rye bread. Tastes a little bit sourly, yet mild and fluffy and it has the typical rye taste that I love so much. Has definitely potential to become one of my regular bakes.