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Rye-wheat bread

This has been probably my best bread so far. A nice mixed bread, consisting of rye-wheat flour in 1:1 ratio. The overall formula is

Rye flour: 50%
Wheat flour: 50%
Hydration: 65%
Salt: 2.5%
Sourdough: 15%

I used 600g flour in total for this bake. The procedure was as follows:

  • Overnight fermentation
  • One strech & fold
  • 1h bulk fermentation
  • Preheat oven to 250 °C
  • 30 minutes in Dutch oven at 250 °C (with closed lid)
  • Remove the lid of the Dutch oven
  • 20 minutes in Dutch oven at 230 °C (no lid)

And this is how it looks like

Freshly baked bread on a cooling tray. The crust is nicely formed and has character Crumb of the freshly baked bread - Mjam Mjam!

Believe me, this bread, freshly baked with a bit of butter and honey is heaven on Earth.