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phoenix' bread formula v1.1

I recently played around on my bread formula with varying hydration amounts and with full wheat. I had very good results with only wheat flour breads and some mixed breads with a full-wheat amount of 25%. For those I figured that the previous hydration of about 60% was too high. The dough was difficult to handle, and the taste of the bread itself was a bit rubbery. Several bakes later I concluded that for those breads the hydration of 40% works much better.

Today’s bake is a mixed rye-wheat-full-wheat bread at 40% hydration. The dough is easy to handle (not too liquid, so you can shape it) and the result tastes heavenly 😋
This will be my default from now onwards for my wheat-based bread with less than 25% rye/full wheat.

Today’s bake had the following percentages

Percentage Amount Ingredient
75% 300g Wheat flour
12.5% 50g Rye flour
12.5% 50g Full-wheat flour
40% 165g Water
0.5% 2g Dry-yeast
2.5% 10g Salt
75% 300g Poolish (150g+150g)

I made this bread with a 3-day old Poolish (150g wheat flour + 150g water) to increase the taste.

I used some bread spices, but they are completely optional. For today’s bake I used a teaspoon of South-Tyrolean “Brotklee” and a teaspoon fennel seeds.

Proofing took 2h with one stretch-and-fold after 1h.

The bread is baked in a Dutch oven for 15 minutes at 250°C, then you remove the lid and bake it for another 40 minutes at 230°C. The Dutch oven is optional, but it does make a difference.

Finished bread in the Dutch oven Finished bread on the cooling rack Cut bread, look at the delicious inside

Yummy! 😋