A nerd left alone with good Wifi

So, we’re now on Stenhult Mellangard, this amazing spot now in the idyllic countryside. So, what does the fellow nerd do, when left in nature with a good wifi connection on a beautiful vacation day in the middle of Sweden?

So far, I’ve

  • made breakfast, had our morning coffee
  • spotted a rabbit jumping around in the nearby grass field
  • read a bit in the Doctor Who Dalek Battle Manual book I recently purchased
  • Planned a 40km bike tour for later today
  • Added the spot we’re right now standing on OSM (openstreetmap.org)
  • Added the houses on the spot as well on OSM because I had it already open
  • Add some additional roads, because why not
  • finished the morning coffee
  • Getting ready for the previously mentioned bike ride
  • One more road, this one is missing too!

And this is exactly the reason why you cannot leave us nerds alone unmonitored. Someone has to put those things on openstreetmap, right? :-)

We’re here btw and this place still would like to get some love on OSM. Sounds like a nice winter project for a lazy bad weather Sunday afternoon!